The Rules

Hear ye, hear ye! Below is a list of the designated rules for The Year My Husband Dressed Me. The point of this whole thing is for the year to be authentic, fun, and true stylistic exploration. The best way to do that, I believe, is to lay some ground rules. Here they are.


  1. I will only go out of the house wearing the outfit Josh has chosen for me that day.

  2. However, I may decide to choose my own outfits for work related events (fashion shows, interviews, etc.)

  3. Josh is in charge of picking out the whole outfit, including shoes and any accessories.

  4. I may choose my own sleep-wear.

  5. I may bum around the house in whatever I want if Josh does not have my outfit ready. However, rule 1. always applies.


Wish us luck, and a good time!