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The Year My Husband Dressed Me came into being after my husband, Josh, joked one time too many about being my full-time stylist. I often rely on his artistic eye when picking out my outfit for the day, or putting together looks for a modeling photo shoot. Once I put two and two together, the idea for this blog quickly followed.

But, to be completely honest, relinquishing that massive part of my artistic identity to my husband is more than a little daunting. Every single day, we have the choice to visually express who we are (or who we want to be) when we get dressed. Would I have a voice if I handed that decision over to my husband? After we shook hands (literally) on doing this blog, that question kept me up late for a few nights. It’s quite bizarre, giving up the right to dress yourself.

So why make the year-long commitment? First of all, because to our knowledge, it hasn’t been done before. And for good reason! Few men would take on such a task, and even fewer women would willingly give their husbands/boyfriends the styling reins.

Secondly, because we believe the fashion world recognizes originality. With zero years in the fashion industry, and no wardrobe styling expertise under his belt, Josh doesn’t exactly follow “the rules” of fashion. Which is exactly why people notice when I’m wearing something he’s picked out for me. Josh’s oblivion to fashion trends makes for original expression and conversation-starting style.

At the very least, this year will be fun and different. But if we spark your creative energy along the way, that will be a juicy plus!

So here’s to 2017… The Year My Husband Dressed Me.



Meet the team 




Meg is known for her love of mischief, rocking babies, and having heart to heart discussions with strangers in loud bars. She began a career in modeling in 2015, and is often seen on QVC modeling pajamas, hair products, and clogs. Her favorite part of marriage is having someone to play hide-and-seek with her all the time. She is the second oldest of six.




Originally from Park City, Utah, Josh can often be found day dreams about the mountains, long boarding down the hill outside our apartment, and researching interesting facts about reptiles. He also plays drum set, udu, darbuka, and the didgeridoo. He taps beats with his fingers on everything. He is the youngest of six.