Boho week!

Happy Monday, friends!

The other day, I called my Grandparents this week to catch up. My Grandpa answered, and after we talked for a few minutes, I overheard my Grandma at his shoulder asking insistently, “Who is it? Bill, who is it?” I had to chuckle, because my Grandma and I are both social butterflies- and we like to be in the know. 

The whole week felt particularly lovely, but I couldn’t put a finger on why until after that phone conversation. And then I realized, oh. It’s because I spent it interacting with people. I’ve gotten more covetous of my time as I’ve grown up, but man oh man, I still have my Grandma in me. A good phone conversation or a summer evening walk with a friend will leave me chatty, bouncy and full of energy. Josh has said he can always tell when I’ve connected deeply or enjoyably with someone as soon as I walk through the door.

This week Josh decided on a touch of bohemia for the week’s outfits. This was partially by my request because I had a gnarly sunburn from being at the beach over the weekend, and anything that touched my skin was like flames from hell. Thank the good Lord for flowy dresses.



I’ve always loved Josh’s style. It seems to defy categorization, but there’s definitely a fair share of bohemian, mixed with homeless metal head. My sophomore year of college, he wore a certain orange t-shirt with a Native American Chief on it 6 out of 7 days of the week. All semester.

Picture proof.

He never cared about standing out. Still doesn’t.

Because his own taste involves mixing earth tones, layered jewelry and colorful patterns, I was eager to see which of my clothes he’d pair together. All in all, the set of outfits were easily enjoyable to throw on in the morning, with no complaining or huffing on my part. Which is not always the case.




That yellow, stained, incense saturated blanket has a special place in my heart. We’ve sat on it for many a picnic and outdoor concert, and laid under it on quite a few starry nights. I don’t think it’s been washed in years, but like a child’s blanket, I feel like cleaning it would wash out some of the magic and memories.

IMG_0291 (4)
circa 2010

Our cousin and dear friend Clay came by to see our new pad and stayed for dinner- and an impromptu modeling shoot. He had a natural gift. If he wasn’t such a good friend, I would have felt totally intimidated by how naturally he commanded the shoot, whipping out pose after pose. I was left in the proverbial dust.

Blue Steel.

Clay was one of the first guests we’ve had over since our move, and I’m already eager for more! The evening was full of laughter, catching up, and we were even party to Clay reading aloud from The Princess Bride. These are the kind of summer nights memories are made from.

Okay, technically it’s not summer yet. But we’re almost there!



That flowy elephant blouse is one of Josh’s own, and one I have many memories of him wearing.

Inclement weather kept us from shooting this outfit outside for very long. As far as I’m concerned, we’re probably not going to be capable of documenting every.single.outfit this year. My husband is dressing me, and sometimes that’s just going to have to be enough!

Pictures inside with my cat are more fun, anyway.



Calcifer didn’t look happy from either angle.

Oh, and P.S… If you happen to dig my sandals- which I wore with almost every outfit this week- they’ve from this magical leather store called Waltzing Matilda. We fell in love with this shop about two years ago, and simultaneously, it’s owner.  Josh and I both have a pair of handmade leather sandals from his shop, and we’ve walked miles all over the country in them. I won’t go into detail about how awesome this place is or the quality of the products, but if you’ve visited me before, I’ve likely taken you to this shop- or at least told you to go yourself.

waltzing matilda
“Have a few nice things, but make them quality and hold on to them, and pass them down if you can. Because it’s a piece of who you are, where you went, what you saw, and all that you experienced.” – Mike, owner of Waltzing Matilda (on left)

We wrapped up the week with a few rainy days, but Josh’s outfits were so good, we ventured out to capture them, anyway. I can hardly believe we’re four months into the year! His styling and photography skills have really, really improved over time. It’s made the whole process so much more fun, leaving more time for creative thinking and dreaming.




I often wonder what will become of this blog and Josh’s newly acquired skills when the year is over. It’s unlike other projects, in that when the year is over, everything will just… end. Which I’m okay with on one hand! But part of me hopes we find a way to keep alive the spirit of being co-creators.

IMG_4160 (2)

IMG_4140 (2)

One idea has formed in my brain that I can’t quite seem to dislodge… But life changes so rapidly, and so little can be counted on in the future. That said, I am on my way to New York City again today, and may have some exciting news to share soon. Without giving too much away, wish me luck!



IMG_4257 (2)

See you next week, readers!




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