Wanted: Spring submissions!

I’m curious… What Spring Fashion tips do you have for someone who’s sick of the floral everything trend? Asking for a friend.

You know how it is when you hear a new song on the radio and love it and then the radio station plays it every.five.minutes until you’re sick of it? That’s basically how I feel, but about floral prints. They’re pretty and whimsical, but I need some variety in my life, man. Also, sometimes I just wanna dress like Huckleberry Finn on a muddy, spring adventure. Flowers kind of kill that vibe for me.

With about a month of spring left, I’m desperate for spring fashion tips to pass on to my friend aka my (idea exhausted) stylist hubby. Usually, Josh sifts through what’s trending and then throws in his own flair, but he hasn’t had the time lately. So I’m asking you, lovelies: What are your favorite go-to looks for spring? Bonus: We’d love it if you sent us a picture of your completed look to share on next week’s blog post!

This week Josh styled me in a variety of looks, ranging from bohemian chic to urban sleek. The assortment was welcome and as usual, a few of the outfits received compliments. I still get weird looks when I respond, “Thanks! My husband dressed me.” Not that I blame them. Josh and I were jokingly blaming each other yesterday for agreeing to do this project. It is weird. But so are we 🙂





I didn’t loooove this outfit (or wearing it) but it’s hard to complain when Josh is giving 100% to just prepare an outfit, period, let alone make it noteworthy. Most men dress themselves and that’s it (and they usually don’t give much thought to that, either). Sometimes I don’t like the outfit at all and I worry about being photographed in it, because it won’t be photogenic. But seriously, who cares? No one. So I try not to care, either.







Josh and I had a lovely walk around our town this day, and found a patch of purple wildflowers. Not sure what they’re called, but they cheered my spirit. It’s the little things.

He also took this, per my request. Five shots in, he lowered the camera and said, “Wait… These aren’t for the blog. You want these for Instagram!” Caught red handed. (In my defense, my Instagram is basically my resume; I’m always in need of new content.)





Back to fashion.





A FAQ we get is, “Don’t you run out of clothing options?” Our answer: Yep. Trying to create 365 unique outfits requires a massive amount of material. Our bedroom floor is almost always littered with clothing because my closets don’t even come close to holding all of my clothes anymore. It totally stresses me out!

That said, I’ve decided to organize one or two “The Year my Husband Dressed Me” yard sales/auctions this year to raise money for a non-profit organization. After this year, I might just consider doing a year of minimalist dressing! (As in quantity of clothing owned… Not wearing.)




I interrupt this photo stream to show you my husband’s latest creative venture…

He picked up this pelt at an antique store a month ago, telling me he wanted to sew it onto his vest. I couldn’t envision what he was planning… And when I saw the results, I loved it. 





I made him promise me he would make one for me, next.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting later and later in the week. We’re going on a month of not having internet in our apartment- not that I’m complaining! I’m getting used to my routine cafe trips to check my email, edit pictures and people watch. And I must say… Without the ability to scroll through social media, Josh and I spent more time present with each other and our surroundings. Even my cat has benefited from more chin tickles.

In a minute, I’m hitting the road for a girl’s weekend in North Carolina, complete with a suitcase of charmingoutfits. My husband is the bomb.com. And so are you. Have a productive, joyful, sunshine-infused weekend, friends!

p.s. I’m itching to post more reader submissions- I know I have super creative, stylish readers! If you care to share, we’d love to see your favorite spring outfits this week! (If you would prefer us not to post them, just let us know and we’ll totally honor that.)






We’re back!

Hi, dear friends and readers! I’ve missed you this past month.

A few weeks ago, I watched a foreign film about two girls who embark on a road trip to spread the ashes of their deceased friend, per his final request. Along the way, the girls watch video clips their friend had recorded as his cancer-stricken days came to an end. In one of these reflective home video clips, the friend confesses, “I thought I’d be really good at dying. Like, really good. But I’m not. I don’t want to die.”

Well, I thought I would be really good at grieving. Whatever that means. That’s not exactly how things played out. Surprise surprise. It looked less like, pray-and-shed-sad-but-knowing-tears,” and more like:

This web comic captures depression so hilariously well. 


Again, surprise surprise.

After my initial post three weeks ago, my thoughts and feelings about God’s grace and faithfulness, and experiencing peace in the midst of grief, rapidly unraveled. Like within 24 hours of posting. I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that I had no desire to get out of bed, leave the house, or pray.  Especially pray.

(I want to interject here and just say that this blog post does get happier. Like, there is actually a really good end to this story. Stay with me!)

In the midst of this, Josh and I moved. Thanks to help from my family, the actual moving part went smoothly. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) It could have been much worse, but we were already feeling the stress and exhaustion of the past weeks, so little things felt taxing, and big things (like feeling really depressed) felt crushing and permanent.

Thus, we took a step back.  We took a break from blogging. We focused on healing, setting up our new home, and healing some broken parts in our marriage. I’m bummed that we won’t be able to say that Josh dressed me every day for a year. But ultimately, our lives and marriage are far from perfect. So neither is our blog.

Okay. Now, if I were still in the dumps, I probably wouldn’t have the energy to be writing this. So yes, you would be correct in assuming that I must be feeling better. Praise God. It’s so difficult to see the forest for the trees sometimes. With a big portion of our unpacking done and the return of my (mostly) cheery disposition, Josh and I have dived back into full blogging swing. We made a comeback just in time to take my summer clothes out of storage, which is one of my favorite ways to usher in warmer weather! See ya later, flannels. Hello linen and pasty white legs.

Shortly after Josh and I decided it was safe to return to our dressing and styling routine without killing ourselves or each other, we had to have a serious talk. The discussion revolved around the implications of pairing 5 inch heels with short shorts and fish net tights, which is what he had laid out for me as my first outfit. After some eyebrow wiggling on his part, he traded me for a pair of flats.





This fire escape right outside our door is one of my FAVORITE features of our new apartment. Besides enjoying my coffee out here every morning (weather permitting), Josh and I have shared a late Saturday brunch and a summery dinner together from our perch. It also gives us a great view of Main Street… And Main Street a view of us, in all our peculiar glory. Hi, neighbors!

This past Saturday, Josh and I took a walk around our neighborhood to meet some of our neighbors and explore some new photo shoot locations. One of our first stops was to visit the boutique that shares our building, Lily and Willow. Oh. My. Goodness. What a hidden gem! The owners, Jenny and Todd were so welcoming, interesting, and obviously talented. Well known in the area for their hand-carved wooden bottle stoppers and whimsical printed tiles, Josh and I quickly decided we like our new neighbors. Oh, and Jenny’s husband is a magician. So there’s that.



IMG_2962 (2)




Our next stop was to visit the owners of the town’s flower shop and only other boutique, directly across from Lily and Willow and our apartment. I put on Josh’s Easter outfit for me to grab a picture in case we didn’t have time to take one the next day amidst church and egg hunts. When we dropped in to meet the owners, we discovered another Parkesburg secret gem… The owners keep their pet bunnies in the store. And I got to hold one.




I was so enamored with fluffy Celeste, that Josh and I went home seriously discussing the possibility of owning our own house-broken cottontail. EEK.

Speaking of our home, we have SO many huge windows. Having natural light filling our house for most of the day is absolutely glorious. It also makes for perfect picture lighting. Which is important when you’re taking pictures almost every. day.





It’s also important because now that Josh is working away from home, taking photos for our blog is largely left up to me. We don’t own a tripod yet, so one has to get creative. Having ideal lighting frees up my time so I’m able to jurry rig setups like this one:

(also, it’s jurry rig, not jerry rig. I looked it up.)



IMG_3045 IMG_3042


My attempts at taking self-portraits were alright, but it definitely makes me a TON more grateful for Josh’s photography skills. Yes, babe, you read that right. You’ve come a long way in the past four months 🙂





We’re so grateful for the support you’ve all shown us through your prayers, comments and calls. It feels wonderful and restorative to be back on our feet and nesting in our new home.  It amazes me how life can change so quickly and unexpectedly. We are fully immersed in this new season, and I think we’re going to love it. God is good.

Thanks for reading, dear ones! I surely missed writing and sharing with you about our adventures in fashion, marriage, and the roller coaster that is life. What do you think about Josh’s first attempts at dressing me for this gorgeous Spring weather? Let us know! As always, hearing from you is our favorite part of this blog. ❤

Love from the both of us!