Reader Suggestions!

I vividly remember the first time I tried on skinny jeans. I was around 14 at the time, vehemently opposed to wearing any pants that didn’t cover all but the tips of my converse high tops. So when my Dad (fashion forward, as always) had me try on a pair of “cigarette” skinnies at the mall, I vehemently opposed him buying for me. I was disgusted. I wouldn’t be seen in them. For six more months that is, until it was obvious that all my friends were doing it. Ah, the fickleness of trends. We love to hate them, and we hate that we love them.

Anyway, the point of the story is that skinny jeans have been the go-to pant for years. And while I don’t foresee them ever not being a staple, when I went shopping this week, I noticed a large quantity of bell bottoms. Hello, childhood flash backs!

This week,  we took requests from you, dear reader! Josh and I picked seven outfit requests and he went to town, aka Nordstrom Rack.  Seriously would not have anticipated running through all my wardrobe options only three months in… And we have 9 months to go. Yikes.

DAY 1: “Could Josh find a way to make you rock your mom’s style? Can he come up with an outfit for you that your mom would potentially wear?” – Faith 

This was such a brilliant suggestion. For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of knowing my Mom, she wins the “Most Cheerfully Dressed” award in my mind. She loves happy floral prints, funky earrings, and is almost always wearing a comfortable jean jumper. I had to smile when Faith sent this request!




I think her favorite color changes between blue, purple and pink depending on her mood, but when I think of my Mom, I think of pretty shades of blue.

I was also excited when someone suggested I create a look based on my mother-in-law’s wardrobe. The embroidered jacket is especially Mom in my opinion.  We were even joking that she might already own this very suit jacket. Mom tends to wear a lot of denim and embraces a simple, whimsical look. I didn’t quite do her love of floral justice in this outfit, but the jacket is a nod in that direction.  

We had the funkiest earrings picked out to honor you, Mom, and then I misplaced them. I might find them in time for your April birthday, but don’t count on it.




DAY 2: “All black, different textures. ALL black.” – Courtenay 




So much yes!  It’s difficult to capture the wealth of texture Josh managed to fit into this outfit, but let me tell you: he killed it on this one. And he made two versions of it, to boot!

… Where we live, the weather went from 70 or so degrees to full-throttle Snowpocolypse in about 24 hours. So to accommodate the wild weather fluctuations I made two different versions of the same outfit, one a little warmer than the other. The pants were silk smooth with wide flares, paired with a knit crop-top and a distressed blazer with frayed edges. 





DAY 3: “Pair orange and grey together in an outfit.” 

This was another outfit where Josh gave me two options: One more funky and one preppy.

A church friend of ours requested I do an outfit using mainly orange and grey. That was a totally new one for me so we had some fun. The first version of this theme is more of a skater/punk look. In an effort to avoid making Meg look like a literal orange, I decided to make grey the primary color and accent with orange.  This was my first time using a body suit (the striped top under the gnarly leather jacket) and I loved the look.





I’m a sucker for matching accessories. I’m so glad Josh is, too. The orange accessories complimented each other so well. This look screams “playful.” Orange is a surprisingly becoming color to wear, too, if you get the shade right! It brings out the peachy tones in your cheeks and plays nicely with other colors.

The second version of this theme is more classy. I couldn’t wait to use these velcro shoes. They gave this classy second option some attitude. 





So… Those velcro shoes were not my favorite. I thought they looked elderly and Josh thought they were awesome. Which is when it’s best for me to shrug and let the master do his work. But out of curiosity, who else is on the velcro band wagon with Josh? I think they might be coming back to the scene and I don’t know how I feel about that. However, let’s be real… If all my friends start wearing them… 😉


DAY 4: “I’d love to see how Josh styles the new wide trouser shorts trend!” – Regina 




If you’re on the fence about throwing some culottes into your Spring/Summer wardrobe, let me assure you: if anything, they’re the ultimate comfort wear while simultaneously super classy. But that also depends entirely on how you style them. I’ve seen some stylists at QVC rocking jean culottes with vintage band shirts and long sweater vests, and also paired with a high neck lace top and suit jacket. You do you, girl!

To be honest, I didn’t even know what culottes were initially. They seem to be a mix between flowy and whimsical with formal wear…?  I could see these being worn as an attractive work office outfit or for a day of city exploring. This look is more the former, I guess. 




Day 5: “Have Josh pick an outfit that makes your eyes pop.” – Bill (aka my Dad!)

I could have foreseen my Dad suggesting this. In fact, whenever he picked clothes out for me growing up (and he was quite good at it. I’m a lucky girl!) he would often buy me shirts, scarves, and jewelry in beautiful shades of blue to compliment my eyes. They happen to be the exact same shade as his eye color, which is so special to me.




The lighting in this picture is pretty yellow, but that’s a light blue shirt. Ha.



Megan’s blue eyes are one of my favorite things in the world so when her Dad suggested I create an outfit that focused on complimenting her eyes, I knew just what to reach for: Icy blue. The outfit itself is fairly simple but I think it demonstrates a styling 101 tip: use your clothing to flatter your favorite attributes. If you’ve got something good going on, show it…. Within reason of course.



DAY 6: “I’d love to see an outfit made from entirely Josh’s wardrobe!” -Juliann

Uh oh.

Classic Josh outfit. Literally. All the clothes with the exception of the earrings and shoes are mine. Given the size difference between us, it was difficult to find options that worked well together. So to compensate, I tied one of my flannel shirts around Meg’s waist to add a slimming effect. It helped make it look a bit less like Meg was parading around wearing her husband’s clothes. 

Can I just say that my-meaning Josh’s- pants put me in the running for plumber butt of the year. Thank goodness for slimming flannel shirt tricks that also hide such travesties. Thankfully I didn’t have work or too many errands to run this day.




Day 7: “Coordinate your outfits! Doesn’t have to be matching.” – Laura

Coordinating. I had to ask Megan what this actually meant. I didn’t know if we should be basically wearing the same thing or complimentary colors or what. Do married couples actually ever do this intentionally? Is it a thing other than at a wedding or something? I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite. It kinda felt like this:



Uh. So rude. I actually liked coordinating outfits with Josh.

Seriously, how could you not love this?! We look so cute together! Granted, Josh looks a bit pained.



IMG_2773 (2)


He’s going to kill me when I tell him we’re eventually going to do a whole week of coordinating outfits in the name of this blog.

So, which reader suggestion was your favorite? If you missed your chance, don’t worry! You can always send us your outfit suggestions. Josh would probably be relieved to have any and all creative help during this crazy month. Which is actually why I’m giving him seven outfit prompts for this upcoming week. How he interprets my suggestions is entirely up to him, and knowing my husband, it’ll probably be far from what I had in mind.   Should be interesting.

See you next week, friend!






3 thoughts on “Reader Suggestions!

  1. Hannah Sloboda

    I love that you both write – just to hear both of your views makes it easier to picture this all coming together. I loved the second orange outfit the best. And I also loved the outfit with Megs wearing Josh’s clothing. This is so much more fun to read about than I imagined it would be – and I was imagining it would be neat to begin with. This is stellar, you guys.


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