Spring Fashion Trends 101

Oh my gosh. I am so PUMPED about this post. Last week, I challenged Josh to try his hand at styling me in this year’s hottest trends. He did some research, we did some shopping, and BOOM. My Spring wardrobe is on. fleek. (Do people still say that?)

Woo hoo I’m back on here! Meg has been so generous in her sharing of the writing. I’m not typically a person who watches for the latest trends in clothing- at all. But in my research for this blog I have inevitably started learning about things that are trending, and a few of them I’ve found surprisingly enjoyable.

This first one for example: ruffled sleeves. They make me laugh sometimes because they remind me of The Scarlet Pimpernell. Or Meatloaf’s wardrobe.


BUT… they can also be pretty, elegant, and feminine. Aside from that, pattern mixing is a huge trend this Spring, which is why I paired floral with stripes.

Ladies, if you’re looking for a shoe staple for the transitory weather (too cold for peep toes, too close to spring for riding boots), a block heel ankle boot is a fantastic staple. Pairing them with a spring dress or cuffed boyfriend jeans is one of my favorite Spring looks, and I’ve been fortunate enough that Josh has picked up on that trend!  We use the ones I’m wearing in this outfit all the time. They go with everything.

I’m obsessed with the stripes and floral pairing! Everything about this outfit worked for me. I was a happy lady.





Wow. Super pose-y. Sorry. Sometimes when we take pictures, I forget that I’m not at QVC and feel the urge to pick up an empty tea cup as a prop…

Haha. Yeah, I didn’t tell her to do that. Next up we see the ever-so-popular shoulder cut-out shirt. It’s fairly common to see women wear off the shoulder shirts that leave collarbone and both shoulders exposed, but the shoulder cut-out leaves more to the imagination, as they say. It’s playful AND it’s warmer. Megan likes warm.




Another great Spring shoe staple: Peep toe ankle boots. My darling sister-in-law brought these beauties to me from Urban, where she works. We have this symbiotic relationship where I bring her quality makeup from QVC sample sales, and she brings me bags of jeans and shoes. All the cute jeans and overalls you see me in on this blog? All from my girl. I’m so grateful we speak the same love language. 😉

I love the peeping shoulder trend! I think it’s attractive on any body type, making it an easy piece to wear and pull off. Shoulders are such a graceful part of the body.




Denim on denim has been trending for a while now, and it’s continuing its life well into spring and summer 2017. I’ve always thought it was a cool look, and apparently that sentiment is fashion-approved again.




Josh didn’t just nail the denim on denim trend. If you haven’t noticed, fringe detail on jeans is a trend that’s coming in hot. I thought this skirt was such a hilarious find because it reminds me of an updated version of some of the skirts I saw worn at my home school co-op in Lancaster County. Mind you, they were never paired with a crop top…

The high waist, fringe and crop-top combo gives off a hipster/vintage vibe. Throw a felt sun hat into the mixture, and you’ve got yourself a head turning outfit. My boy rocked this one! I think it’s my favorite of the week.




One of my favorite fashion finds is the concept of color blocking. I talked about it a few weeks back with Meg’s red and jean outfit, and I wanted to do it again this week. I haven’t seen too many people try it, but I’d encourage you to experiment with it. It’s bright (sometimes offensively neon) and lively and so fun.  Choose one to three several bright colored clothing pieces and stack them on top of each other. Blending? Ha. Neutrals? Forget about it. This trend is all about making a statement and standing out.





I love blue and yellow color blocking. Such a cheerful combination. I received so many compliments on this dress when I went into work. The material brings a lot of interest to the outfit: it has the look of a woven rug and has a decent weight to it. But it also stretches, giving the look of a modest but sexy bodycon dress .


The overall trend: great for a man working in a field but even better (and more attractive) on a woman. They’re a nod to the “utility” pieces which we saw on the runway during Fashion Week. But they can also be styled to give off a more feminine, cute, girl-next-door feel. I accessorized with a big floral scarf to give it a pop. I loved this femme-friendly, practical outfit and thought it looked great on my wife. 




I agree, this outfit was so cute! Myy only stipulation was that it was too cute… I still associate overalls with being a 12 year old tomboy, running around barefoot in Lancaster County farm fields. But that’s a pretty happy association. I love seeing other women rock overalls, but I haven’t totally re-accepted them into my life. I’m on the fence, unless I have a hand shovel and gardening gloves on.


This week was a lot of floral. To throw some staple grunge into the mix, I put Meg in an off-the-shoulder baggy sweatshirt. This look falls into the same category as the ever popular over-sized coats, jackets, and cardigans that have been trending. I achieved this look by dressing Meg in one of my sweaters, but unbuttoning the front and having the neck fit around her shoulders, instead.  The baggy sweater with slouched shoulders creates a casual, skater/boho look that shows just enough skin to be feminine and attractive but without having to wear anything too form fitting or revealing. 




I loved this look, too. (And yeah, I was ready for a break from floral, too.) Especially paired with these big hoops, light wash jeans, and one of my staple beanies. Such a good look for the weekend! I could also see this paired with a choker. 10/10 for trendiness.

Last but not least, I knew this trend would make my often-cold wife smile with joy. That is not a scarf adorning her shoulders… That’s a throw blanket. Draped over the shoulders and cinched with a belt, a throw blanket can easily substitute for a chunky scarf, vest, or shawl. I’m sure this look wouldn’t go with just any throw blanket, but we happened to own one that laid neatly. 





Style is all about creativity! And my husband happens to be one of the most creative souls I know, so it is no wonder he’s able to do this blog with me, and do it well. I love that he can come up with the zaniest outfits on his own and glean the best trends in the fashion world. Which outfit was your favorite? I would love to know!

Last week, we offered to you the opportunity to submit your own suggestions for a theme for a day of this upcoming week. We received quite a few creative themes. So stay tuned, ’cause if you’re one of those people, get ready for a shout out on next week’s blog post!

As always, much love to our readers, who inspire us to tackle each day with creativity and patience! Your readership keeps us going strong.









9 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Trends 101

  1. Pamela Hasse

    You both are doing an amazing job and the teacups and cat make you look so calm! Since I know first hand how hard you two are working at this (new job, moving, split residences, etc.) I feel that the more appropriate props should have been juggling items. Like, seven balls, not three; sledgehammers instead of bowling pins, etc. All of the outfits were sooo cute, but if forced to choose, I’ll give top score to your yellow and blue outfit.


    1. Mom, I so look forward to your comments! I often wonder when I post which outfit will be your personal favorite, as I know you are quite opinionated about what does and does not look good on me! 🙂

      I might have to consider your prop idea for this upcoming week… Ha!


  2. natasha

    Adorable!! Best week so far!! Josh you are rocking it! 2 Favorites ensembles are the crop top one with the jean skirt and the one with your sweater with jeans and oxfords. Super cute. Way to go!!! Hilarious about the ruffles:)


  3. Nikki

    My favorite- the beanie, loose sweater off the shoulder look! Dress me you guys, lol I seriously have the roughest time trying to find new outfits to wear, especially ones dealing with currently trendy pieces 🙈. Great job on this one!


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