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Guys. I don’t even know where to start explaining how crazy this week has felt. As I’m writing this, our apartment is in a record-taking state of dishevelment (I had a dream about tornadoes ripping through my house last night. The symbolism is not lost on me.) and Josh and I are both sporting dark circles and oatmeal-y brains. The worst part is that this is week one out of four weeks we anticipate looking like this.

If you’ve been following our journey the past few weeks, you know Josh is taking a new job and temporarily living in my parents’ basement to ease the commute. We’re also preparing for a move, leaving little time for extra-curricular activities like blogging. Or sleeping.

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you might have seen my post about modeling for a QVC show in LA! On Sunday night, Josh had to work double-time to pack for my LA trip and prepare himself for his first day on the job.

He made sure I was comfy for the plane ride… But those aren’t any ordinary yoga/sweat pants. Those are our other Joan Shepp purchase: Leather harem pants.





I had never been to LA before, so my debut trip was very exciting for me. The QVC show was set up as a post-Oscars “Red Carpet Beauty” show. Basically, I sat at a rooftop bar and fake conversed with other models for two hours in 50 degree weather. So much for the California heat I’d been dreaming about.





I did manage to enjoy wearing shorts on my second day in lala land! Note the color difference between my legs and my stomach… Yikes. #selftannerwoes




The trip was over in a blink. In total, we only there for about 30 hours. Josh’s last outfit was also super airport comfy-chic, and I received a few compliments on my willingness to opt out of the traditional lounge wear. The funny thing is, I was actually super comfortable in this outfit, too. So it was a win-win.





My Urban Southern bag was a gift from the US team at NYC fashion week. It’s the perfect airport accessory because it easily fits my laptop and cord, and a magazine and snacks perfectly. I know I’ve said it before, but you should totally check out their site. For the quality and style, it’s extremely affordable.

When I returned home, this super cute outfit was waiting for me. I loved Josh’s rendition of the over-sized sweater (again, his… this is becoming a thing!) with the suede ankle booties and flirty head wrap. I’ve noticed his love of pattern-play, and honestly, he’s quite good at it! I look like I have a tree growing out of my head in this picture, but it gets the point across and one can’t be too picky.




Okay. Now time for a serious confession.

Josh drove from Lancaster Wednesday night to welcome me home and discuss his first days on the new job. I myself was pretty sleep-deprived, but Josh was tired and sore. He had spent the week doing demolition on a house that had been ripped apart by a local storm, putting up drywall, and adjusting to waking up four hours earlier than usual. He didn’t complain once- in fact, he was pretty happy about the change- but I could tell he was beat.

We sat on the couch and talked about our vastly different weeks, our plans for packing, and caught up on how each other was doing emotionally and spiritually. We got ready for bed. At this point, I realized Josh needed to plan my outfits before leaving for Lancaster the next morning for the rest of the week. He would have to leave by 5:30 am, and it was already 11 pm.

As I looked at my worn out husband, I contemplated: Do I mention his need to plan two days’ worth of outfits? I imagined how his face would fall, and then how he would inevitably take a breath, nod, and cheerfully do his task.

It made me sad to think that doing this blog would take precedence over Josh’s sleep and well-being.

So I stayed quiet, and we went to bed exhausted.

The confession is that my husband didn’t dress me on Friday or Saturday. But the truth is, I don’t regret making that decision. Our marriage and health should always come before this blog, and as crazy as it sounds, it can be difficult to remember that when we’re trying to successfully commit to 365 days of unique outfits.

Deep breath. I know it’s not the end of the world, but it feels like a blow to my pride to “break” the rules of this blog adventure! We decided to compensate by styling the missing outfits, even though I didn’t wear them on the intended days. My only other qualm was that I didn’t get to show them off!!




This outfit had a retro/hip-hop vibe to me. We tried to get some shots of me jumping and dancing, etc. The results were hilarious.

And this number… Well, let’s just say it raised a few eyebrows.





I don’t even know what to call that ensemble. Freaky-deaky. But I kind of like it.

If you like following our blog, you might also like influencing what shows up on here! This week, privately submit an outfit idea or theme (via private message on fb, texting, calling, you name it… Just keep it a secret!) and at the end of the week, we’ll draw seven suggestions for the following week.

I pray you, be kind to me.

What outfit is your favorite from this week? Let us know!

See you next week for a selection of Josh’s favorite hottest trends of Spring 2017!




4 thoughts on “Trending: sleep deprivation

  1. Ok- again, excellent outfits Team Morken. I like the arrangements but the neon shoes suplex my face into the concrete.
    Meg- I value marriage more than blogs too. Good choice. However, get tougher and tighter on your planning so your blog can deliver for your audience. Sorry- I challenge people too much but I only do it because I see in you and Josh the strength to take it. Buttin’ out now.
    My choice of clothing would be… (I’ll message Josh). Thanks for letting us participate. This is a super cool blog – even with the tree coming out of your head.


  2. Jodi Anderson

    Favorite outfit pick is freaky outfit!
    Why? Because the purple hued lipstick actually grounds the whole outfit. That purple tone and the neon sneaks work like two slices of bread and hold everything in perfect sync.


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