Spring, come she will

Hello, hello! This week we’re conducting a little interview with Josh covering all things fashion, personal taste, and an attempt at our first themed week.

The unseasonably warm weather had us yearning for budding trees, bare foot strolls, and naps in the sunshine. So we started the week by heading to Longwood Gardens! It was Josh’s first time, and my nature lover thought he had died and gone to horticulture heaven! He instantly grabbed the camera and started snapping pictures of the stunning colors, shapes, and bizarre plants… Only to find out, as many photographers do, that capturing nature is one of the most frustrating photography experiences one can have. It’s pretty hard to capture the splendor of God’s handiwork with a middle-of-the-line Canon T3.


But we still had fun trying.

I also had fun blending in with my surroundings… Like a flower ninja.


But the best part…

img_1217… My Balenciaga leather sneaks which are NEON YELLOW. As you can (blindingly) see.

These were one of my Joan Shepp purchases from last week, and I’m pretty sure I might wear them to my grave I love them so much.


So, after this garden trip, the rest of the week was fairly boring.  So, in leau of having very little to write about, I’m calling in Josh for a brief interview… After I get a glass of wine.

Hi, thanks for joining me. Pleasure to have your company on this fine night. So, Josh. What single word describes your style?

Thank you for having me! It’s an honor just to be in your presence. My style? Oh boy… one word?? Lively. 

How do you think other people would describe your style, say, in college?

In college I was “That guy that’s always barefoot and has a bone in his ear.” I think in general I kind of looked like a street urchin mixed with a tree hugger. Lots of color, layers, and jewelry. Typically unclean… much to the chagrin of my roommates.

And whilst we’re on the subject of your style, where do you get inspiration?

A few places I suppose. Nature is one of them. I love clothing and outfits that remind me of either creatures in nature (birds, beetles, moss) or specific locations with extreme natural beauty like Moab, UT. Another “inspiration” of mine would probably be different people groups throughout history. Examples would be European gypsies, Mayans, and Native Americans. 



What tip would you give to anyone looking to improve their personal style?

To start? Just let go. Sit in front of your closet and forget the “rules” of what is normal or “fashionable.” Let yourself be creative and make weird combinations of clothes just because you like the way it looks or feels. Because of this blog I have had to do a lot of research to figure out what types of style there is out there. People wear some WEIRD stuff. And it seems like those “weird” things are often what end up coming into style eventually. So… go out on a limb and make something that’s yours!


Are there any styles or eras of fashion you’ve wanted to replicate, but haven’t had the inspiration or resources? 

Oh probably more than I can think of right now. I ought to start writing them down. One that immediately comes to mind is the 1920’s flapper look. You know… sequin dress, fancy hat, bright red lipstick, and elbow length gloves. I would have to find the right pieces to make sure it didn’t just look like a Halloween costume but I think it’s a great, sassy/elegant, look.


What three outfits have you been the most proud of?

 I love the outfit with the camo pants and leather vest. I liked that it mixed masculine and feminine attributes (the baggy pants along with the heels). I wanted to create an outfit that combined leather, denim and camo, and this is what I came up with.  I also love the outfit that had the blue patterned vest over the blue striped pants with the floppy brown hat. I liked the different patterns on that one. I worried that the vertical stripes paired with the southwestern pattern would be too busy, but I think they matched well together. And I’m partial to the outfit when I combined my Mom’s oriental robe with the black beret and fur collar. Obvious sentimental reasons there but I also thought it looked dang good on her. 


What’s your least favorite part of this blog, and why?

HA. Taking the pictures. I have ZERO experience with photography and, now that Megan works around great photographers for a living, she knows what constitutes a great picture and I am just working as fast as I can to catch up. I’m not fast enough. This leads to a lot of frustration from  both of us. The pictures we put on here are decent though, right (please say yes)? But for each one of these there are 50 or more that had to be discarded. 



At the start of this week, we decided to try having a theme.  In your words, how would you describe the overarching theme?

Wonder of wonders! Over 70 degrees outside in February? That sure screamed “Spring” to us. Because of the glorious weather and the fact that I am starting a new job tomorrow (and we’re moving next month, etc.) we decided on a “Spring” theme. We recognize that we are moving into a new season (literally and figuratively) and we are very grateful for the change. We believe it will breathe new life into our relationship and our every day existence. Kind of like how the flowers push up through the frost. I tried to capture some of that imagery and feeling in this week’s outfits by emphasizing floral prints and bright colors. Two of the more neutral colored outfits have very intentional splashes of color in them which, in my mind, was a nod to life springing out of the clutches of winter. 


Sounds cool, but follow through was kind of tough for you… Want to elaborate on that? 

Yeah it was stinking hard some days. First of all, Megan and I had different ideas about what qualifies something as “spring” from a clothing perspective. I didn’t actually sit down and clearly define what dressing for a spring theme looked like. Because my thoughts on spring were so abstract there was a lot of frustration. I would have an idea for an outfit that I really liked only to have Megan point out that it would work great if only it were being worn on a bleak January morning… or on a boardwalk in August.





If you could have access to any (male) person’s wardrobe, who would it be? 

For my own use? Keith Richards. Or Johnny Depp. Or Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. 

And finally, what skills or uses do you think this blog will lend you after the year is over? 

I think it’s going to help me keep my creative juices flowing, out of habit. It’s also teaching me how to be a better photographer. I also truly believe this project is and will strengthen our marital bond (via grace, patience, persistence) in a way we didn’t expect. Plus, it’ll be wild to share this unique project with our children and prove to them that we weren’t always so lame.  

We love you, readers! Thanks for your comments, and feel free to share our post. We’d love to grow our audience. Makes it more fun for us 🙂

Tune in next week for Josh dressing me for a brief trip to LA! Sunshine and shorts, here I come. (After I shave.)




3 thoughts on “Spring, come she will

  1. Pamela Hasse

    Well done! Excellent questions, Megan. Josh, I liked your choice of fabric combos and colors to convey spring. As to my favorite photo, it’s a toss-up. 1) Portraying Megan as a successful, adult spring-y model, the running in yellow shoes one captured by a budding photographer. 2) Just plain appealing, the blue shoes and pink blouse.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. William Hasse

    Fun post, you two! Hearing both your voices adds some welcome literary tension to the conversation.
    Did not know that Meg had any veto power over Josh’s style selections for the day. But, knowing my girl, I’m not at all surprised. 🙂
    Josh, your self-described street urchin, tree-hugger college style failed to mention that you were also “that guy who used charm and wit to help a certain dad look past the ear bones and dread locks.” Well done, son!
    Meg, the blazing yellow sneaks are a-maaaaay-zing!!!


  3. Jodi Anderson

    I think you guys are doing a great job with the photography. As a budding hobbyist trying to turn professional, I have enjoyed the photo compositions greatly.


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