By Design.

A home can carry as many memories, security and familiarity as a person- as can a city. If you’ve ever had to say goodbye to a place you’ve loved dearly, you can relate to the painful nostalgia that comes with such a departing. In a month, Josh and I will be parting from both our little apartment and what has become one of our favorite cities: The City of Brotherly Love. Good old Philadelphia.

This is bitter sweet. The move is stemming from a job change for Josh (yay!) which has us relocating to the small town of Parkesburg, PA (tears and gnashing of teeth). We’ve already found a lovely apartment complete with wood floors and tons of natural light. To top that, we discovered we’re in walking distance from Victory Brewing (YASSS) and we can keep all of our pets! God is good.

To commemorate the move, we headed to the city to shoot the weeks’ set of outfits. But the primary reason we went was to visit a very special boutique… And one eclectic designer.

I was first introduced to the world of high-fashion through Joan Shepp and her boutique. It started with an opportunity to model a private runway show at the boutique. When an opportunity for a second show came around, I knew I had to bring Josh. As much as I had begun developing a deep appreciation for fashion, I knew Josh would love the wide selection of avant-garde designer items even more.

Long story short, when Josh arrived separately,  he was greeted by Joan Shepp herself. Unaware that Josh was my husband, she greeted him warmly and asked: “How long have you been in the fashion industry?” After Josh told her he wasn’t, she responded by saying, “Only an artist would wear that,” pointing to the scarf tied around his waist.

When Josh recounted this interaction to me later that evening, I tucked Joan’s compliment away for future use.  knew Josh had style, but apparently, so did a iconic fashion designer.

Joan Shepp and Joshua


Josh has a deep fear of losing his underutilized creative gifts. Working from home has meant a staple of gym shorts and a band shirt as opposed to the costumes he so frequently wore during our college years. Our limited living space kept him from playing his beloved drum set, and work-related apathy stood in the way of the usual joy he took in exploring other art forms.



As much as I would encourage Josh to pursue any form of expression to get his creative juices flowing, he was truly in a rut. Joan’s compliment affirmed what I knew to be true: Josh couldn’t stop being an artist even if he wanted to. And gosh darn it, I was going to find a way to make our own outlet.

This blog has provided just that. So, to come full circle, two months into our creative venture, we headed to Philly to say a fond farewell, thank the designer who saw Josh as the creative soul he is… and to do some shopping.





My QVC model friend, Ade (the woman who introduced me to Joan), joined us and definitely had an influence on our favorite buy of the day. Josh insists I can’t show you, because he’s saving it for a specific outfit. So these are just some shots of the outfits we might have bought had my store credit been a bit beefier.


Style icon and friend, @adejaiye





I cannot wait to show you what we purchased! But I (begrudgingly) must submit to Josh’s timing. If it were my choice, I would wear the contents of that bag for the next two months straight. Which is why it’s good that it’s not up to me.

We’ve had a few people ask to hear from Josh more often about the outfits he’s picked for me, so I’m handing him the mic, metaphorically speaking. Enjoy!

Wow. So this is what it’s like to write on our blog huh? Yikes. I’m a bit daunted right now to tell you the truth. And yet… I’m suddenly filled with an unmistakable surge of power. FEAR ME! Just kidding… But that IS what I say to Megan every day as she puts on the day’s outfit that she has no choice but to wear. I am Caesar as far as the closet is concerned.



So this little number above? To be honest, I don’t have too much of an explanation for it. It has the flowy skirt, gypsy-ish belt, and the cool, heavy, necklace of a common hippie/bohemian look. But it’s also more winterized and form fitting then some boho outfits. Also I wanted the purple/mustard combo.

The following outfit is brought to you by New York City Fashion Week. I was inspired by the classy street-style I saw when we were there and I wanted to give it a shot. What do you think, eh? I love these pants on Megan, but since they’re wide-fitting, I wanted to make sure she had a more formfitting top. Gold and white belt? To match the gold chain mail necklace of course.



Have you heard of color blocking? If not, you should definitely look into it to add some funk to your style. It can be beautiful, wild, and fun all at once. This outfit was meant to be a baby step in that direction. Denim on denim is already cool by itself but then why not add a blast of firetruck red?


Okay I hate to toot my own horn here but… look at this shot. “But wait, I thought Josh was a pretty inadequate photographer” you say? Well… Josh is blossoming. 

These last two outfits are my favorites from this week. This next outfit I called “western boho.” I loved how simple it was and yet how stunningly she pulled it off. I feel like she needs a six shooter on her hip though. Next time…



I have a pair of baggy camo pants that Meg’s brother gave me and I was determined to make them work on her. So what do you pair with camo? Denim and leather, baby. It helped that the two jackets were tight because that offset the baggy pantaloons. And the studded heels? Uh… everyone knows that baggy pants with heels is babeilicious. 

*Drops the mic*



Well, well. Josh might have to take this over more often.

The changes coming down the pike will definitely effect how we approach this blog. I have no idea what that will look like, but Josh will be working longer hours, and we won’t be seeing as much of each other as we have this past year. Improvise, adapt, and overcome!

As we reflect on the move, this blog, and our shared love of creating together, I cannot help but believe that it is all by design. I’m grateful for a Creator who’s plans are bigger, better, and so, so intricate.

That’s all for now folks! Thanks for reading, and tune in next week for who knows what. We don’t really plan ahead.




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