Do geckos mate for life?

It started off as a normal Monday in the Morken household. I woke up super early to head to D.C. to do a runway event, leaving Josh to plan an outfit for the day post-show. The show was and in-and-out event, and I was on my way back by 2pm. At some point during the three hour drive home, I got a text from hubby.

“I need you to pick up two things if you can… Gecko food and a plunger… Haha.”

Knowing that there is only one reason to ever need a plunger, my mind instantly swirled with images of the inevitable travesty waiting at home. I was interrupted by a call from Josh.



Suffice it to say that after the initial toilet clogging, Josh finished off the leftover buffalo wings from the Super Bowl. This resulted in a panicked rush to the bathroom and some quick decision making.  Faced with an already overflowing toilet, he did what any desperate man would do. He grabbed a trash bag.

In between my laughter and groans, I couldn’t help but fall deeper in love with my husband, his self-deprecating humor, and resourcefulness.

And that was only Monday!





Tuesday was also filled with unwanted bodily functions, as my all-black snazzy outfit was puked on by a baby. After this mishap, I realized our blog rules don’t specify a need for two outfits in the event of unforeseen spillage. So sweatpants it was.





It was an impressive start to the week, and it only got better when Josh and I caught our Crested Geckos in the act of… Creating new life.

Yeah, so in case you didn’t know what that looked like, I figured we would provide you with documentation. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.




Ah… The Circle of Life.

In the midst of all this hilarity, I was doing some serious thinking. I had had a wonderful conversation with my parents about our blog last Sunday, and they gave me a challenge: To nail down the  purpose of this blog.





We jumped in to this year without much time to prepare a mission statement. For the first few weeks, the lack of direction didn’t really matter- we were excited, having fun, and figured it would develop direction as we went along.  And it has, through a process of elimination. We know why we’re not doing this blog. We’re not doing it purely because it’s fun. It’s actually pretty not fun. It takes a lot of effort on Josh’s part, time, which we don’t have a ton of, and grace for each other. That last one is probably the biggest hurdle, as is true to marriage in general.





We’re also not doing this because Josh has a burning passion for fashion, styling, or clothing. Josh has an eye for style and is one of the most creative individuals I know. But we’re not here to compete with fashion bloggers, up-and-coming designers, or showcase our knowledge of latest trends.




The purpose of this year is to have fun exploring our talents as a married couple. We both wanted to develop creatively: For me, in the form of my writing, and for Josh, exploring fashion as a means of artistic expression. This blog idea was born when we realized how perfectly this project combined those interests.

Bonus: the amount of grace and forgiveness we’ve needed to give and receive from each other has already deepened our marriage. Which is honestly enough to make the whole year worthwhile.

Along the way, we’re sure to make some crazy memories! This week, we’re enjoying a weekend in New York City for some fashion shows.





We went with some dear friends, and met up with the designers and creators of Urban Southern (check out that market tote… O B S E S S E D.) It was an honor to support them at their first fashion show!




The rest of the weekend was mostly filled with trips to China Town to drink bubble tea and visit fish markets.











Can we all agree that Joshua’s New York City outfits were a stellar success? It was a wonderful weekend, but we are ready to be back in our cozy home, where we can relax, pet our cat and watch for lizard eggs show up.



P.S. No. Geckos do not mate for life.


6 thoughts on “Do geckos mate for life?

  1. Jack R

    Haha! Go geckos! I want a baby/egg if they lay any.

    Great outfits! NY especially.

    One request: can we have more pictures of the outfits? Or at least more full shots? Sometimes you only show highlights and it’d be nice to be able to see each one whole.

    But great writing, great stories, and great outfits! Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why, thank you Jack!

      We can’t promise the eggs will survive, but if they do… We already know how much Sophia would appreciate you owning one.

      We’ll try to get more full length! Josh has had very little experience with a camera, so often we’re limited to using whichever pictures turn out okay. He’s learning quickly, though!

      Thanks for following along! I’ll never forget that we had this idea while you were visiting. Your wife inspired me!


  2. Marie

    Yes those outfits are BOOM! Great team you guys! Don’t stop fighting for grace and forgall the while having a blast and rolling on the foot with laughter!!!


  3. With the craziness of NYC, I didn’t really get to sit down and really read this until this weekend and I freaking LOVE it. Thank you for mentioning Urban Southern, thank you for attending and being such an amazing support. We appreciate it so much. Almost as good? Those drinks you mixed for us. On point! Keep doing what you two are doing. It’s amazing to see.


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