Paris -> NYC

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Personally, I’m more inclined to watch the Kitten Bowl. Josh did not know what this amazing phenomenon was, so I had to interrupt my blogging to show him a clip from the 2016 Kitten Bowl.

Nevertheless, thank you, football lovers, for giving us ball-bored others an opportunity to partake in basically a second Thanksgiving. Can I get an amen, and pass the wings, please.




Although we’re freshly unpacked from our Paris trip, Josh is re-packing my suitcase for New York City Fashion Week! We were graciously invited by Urban Southern to join them for their shows. It’ll be a first time experience for both of us, and although we won’t have access to the fashion shows I’m dying to attend someday,  we’ll be there.




But the best part? Josh is going shopping to dress me for NYCFW. Oh. Yeah. Seriously, this blog is the best idea I’ve ever had. I can’t tell you how many times Josh has said, “I really want to put together this look for you, but we need to get you…” fill in the blank.

Oh, twist my arm. You’re so right, babe. “We” really do need to invest in a leather bomber. And yes,”we” really do need a whole new wardrobe if we’re going to a fashion show together.

Obviously he takes this year-long challenge pretty seriously.





Because you need to know that my scarf has pockets.


NYFW isn’t until next week, though. And after we were graciously invited, we still had to get through this week… and we were seriously ready for the weekend. Taking pictures every day is stressful.  Seriously considering putting an ad for a full time photographer on Craigslist.




Just a minute ago, I was scrolling back through my first and second blog posts, curious to see any changes in Josh’s styling then and now.  He’s had 30+ days of having to plan ahead, envision looks, and piece together my outfits. It’s been a trial and error process, to be sure.

One characteristic stood out: Josh has a keen interest in the little details. He shows the same attention to detail with his hobbies and own style, so I shouldn’t be surprised. But not everyone notices interesting subtleties. I didn’t even catch how he matched the blue yarn and feathers in this hat and necklace until I was looking at the picture.




Ah, this outfit… It seems a bit underwhelming for Josh’s style, doesn’t it?

That’s because I influenced his choice for this day. Now, before you jump to conclusions, technically we didn’t break any rules for this day! I had a fitting in D.C. that morning, and I was running late and without an outfit (it was a busy week).




While Josh was scrambling to put something together, I was nosing around him, suggesting ideas: “Use my black pants, they’ll go with anything. No, not those shoes, I need heels for a fitting! No not those, I have to be able to walk for awhile! Not that shirt, I have to get out of it easily without getting makeup on the shirt. Button-down, Josh, I need a button-down!”

Well, my “suggestions” severely limited his choices. So guess what? I ended up looking like I had dressed myself. ‘Cause… I kind of did. And guess what else? It was functional for my fitting, but as an outfit belonging to a fashion blog, it was meh.




So, we’re a month in. All is well, but we’re running low on blog ideas. I’ve started compiling a list of potential future posts, but I’d love to know: What do you want to see more of in these weekly posts? Some options include…

  1. Having Josh co-write and add his thoughts on each outfit
  2. Weekly themes (50’s week, how-to week, etc.)
  3. More live videos of Josh putting outfits together, being interviewed, etc.
  4. Insight into the creative process behind this blog
  5. Fun give-aways/contests

Comment below and let me know what you think!

Okay, back to fashion. This was our collective favorite outfit from this week.






Who wore it better? 😉






Josh and I have been staring at the screen for ten minutes trying to think of a conclusion to this post. That’s just the type of week it’s been.

I give up. Time to put this away and go watch the commercials.







6 thoughts on “Paris -> NYC

  1. Pamela Hasse

    What did he wear if you were wearing his favorite shirt?
    Blog ideas:
    1. Josh chooses one outfit a week to blog (what look was he going for? what accessory jumped out at him? which item did he start with and then build from?)
    2. Color week: one week there has to be something red in each outfit (or blue, or green, etc.)
    3. ‘Island of Misfit Toys’ week, day or one day a week: choose items from your closet that he’s not seen you wear for months (or ever?)


  2. Of your blog suggestions listed, all are cool. But, for me, I’d love to hear more from Josh’s perspective and insights, and process.

    I know to you I’m just an old lady/mom generation…but at your age I was always making my own clothes. In Ohio I was considered eccentric; in California, people were always trying to buy my clothes off my back.

    I find it ironic that after laying down my interest in this to raise my 4 girls, that I’m back to creative sewing as a way to make a living. And of course I’m a Project Runway junky.

    Keep up the good work. I wish we could help more as my hubby is a fashion photographer. (That’s what our dates consisted of. And after marriage/before kids he did a fair amount of design, too. For me. It’s a whole new world out there being social media connected. Enjoy!)

    Thanks for including this old gal on your venture. Looking forward to more posts!


  3. Cydney

    Kinda mentioned this on your instagram, but you should take requests or maybe do Q+A like “what do I wear to a winter wedding” or “I love these pants but I don’t know how to wear them.” Dressing for events would be good, too. Brainstorm events you or your followers could reasonably expect to go to – weddings, company events, family events, holidays, etc – and put those outfits together. That could be a little funny, too, cause you could end up grocery shopping in a cocktail dress, but still.

    If you guys really wanted to go out on a limb, you hinted a couple of times that not all the consequences on your marriage were anticipated/appreciated. I’m not saying air your dirty laundry, but be vulnerable with your audience and share more about that (and how you resolved the issue, of course). Good writing always involves vulnerability, so even though it’ll be uncomfortable to start, I think it’ll really boost the authenticity of the content.


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