Paris, our style

I love posting on Sundays. The sleepiness and gray, heavy clouds are perfectly paired with a  cup of coffee and a project to write.

We are safely back home, but the weather isn’t much different here. In fact, it was a bit worse in Paris! Strong winds coupled with 20 degree weather had us dashing for many a cafe to warm our chapped, stiff hands over a double espresso. Paris in January is not for the weak of heart.

And neither is styling one’s own wife in Paris.


The lovely, oriental robe dress is my Mother-in-law’s. I never had the chance to meet Linda, as she passed away before I was in Josh’s life. This special robe was a gift to me from Josh’s Dad. When Josh packed it for our trip to Paris, I was thrilled! Styled in this way, it gave the whole look a quintessentially artistic Parisian flair.

Now, I know it may seem out-there to wear your deceased Mother-in-Law’s clothing, but let me get something straight: Linda and I are two peas in a pod. From our love of black licorice, huge dangling earrings, and billowing skirts and peasant shirts, to our unmatched skills at Peanuts (similar to Dutch Blitz). And I adore wearing her clothes.

But what I love most is the joy Josh shows when he sees me rocking his  Mom’s old clothes. He just laughs, shakes his head, and laughs some more.


This was a perfect museum-going outfit. Comfortable, simple, classic. We spent a few hours at the Louvre, and it was as one would expect:




(My face is on this blog way too much. Figured I’d give you a break.)


The amount of famous art, sculptures and artifacts in the Louvre is overwhelming. But for every museum-goer studying and gazing with appreciation at the greats, there was someone taking pictures with paintings that have been made into memes. Ahem.


Watching people crowd to see the Mona Lisa was actually more interesting than studying the painting itself.

At the half-way point of our visit, we moved locations to a different part of the city and stayed at a the most quaint Airbnb apartment! The owner was a sculptor and spoke not a lick of English. At this point our French speaking skills had only advanced to knowing the words for “good night” as well as “good morning,” but with big gestures, laughter and the help of a translating tablet, we managed smashingly.


Lucky for us, we found a corner bakery in walking distance from our apartment.  We frequented it every day, bringing home tucked in Josh’s winter jacket a warm, crusty baguette. We spent two nights in a row buying groceries and wine to enjoy in the privacy of our French abode. It was such a blessing to have enough time in Paris to not feel guilty staying in instead of forcing ourselves to go out and walk around, as a tourist should.




Among other actives enjoyed in Paris was pigeon feeding, cemetery exploring, and general tomfoolery (including chasing each other up and down the metro stairs, much to the disapproving looks of some elderly french grandparents.)


And then it was time to go home! Another airport outfit for the win. This one, Josh had to recycle from things he had already packed. Stylish and practical. A jack of all trades, I tell you.


My first sight of the Swiss Alps, far far in the distance!

Well, I’m aware I posted more “Josh and Megan” pictures than I did the actual outfits. Overall, it was a huge success on Josh’s part, and I was a lucky wife to have such a talented husband packing my bags!

But the week didn’t end when we got on the plane… The night we arrived at our home sweet home, Josh was back to picking out my outfit for the next day. No rest for the weary stylist!



Left to my own devices, I would have lived in leggings and a sweater the past three days. But Josh kept his stride and finished the week with three super cute, fun outfits! We had to photograph them all in one day, because my work schedule didn’t leave room for daily photo shoots. I think these three looks are some of my favorites from this month.






A few people have asked me regarding the blog, “wait, is that still going on?”

Uh, yeah. For eleven more months. It’s crazy, I know! But I am happy to say that we are having a blast, and this project has been a source of more joy than exasperation. You can be anticipating some more styling adventures very soon! Stay tuned, and stay warm!






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