Ahh… Paris. We are in the third day of our trip, and loving every moment. So much so, that I will not be writing a very long post today! The Paris bakeries are sweetly calling my name, and I must answer.

Poor Josh is pretty wiped out with a bad head cold. I woke up with a tickle in the back of my throat this morning… Gulp. Isn’t being sick on a trip just the worst?

This post is split between our last four day at home, and the first three days in Paris. I cannot get over Josh’s impressive packing skills. It’s no small feat packing seven outfits for your wife! He probably spent four hours picking out outfits for me for this trip.

I may turn this blog into a running commentary on how sweet and talented my husband is. He’s taking his job very seriously, and his effort shows. ❤


Pre-Paris: Busy week, so Josh put me in a few outfits that were pretty similar to outfits I would normally put together for myself. Not complaining.







There’s a little story behind this poncho… We went on a thrift shop date, which entailed picking out clothing for each other! It was a blast, and I highly recommend it as a fun, inexpensive date option.

This poncho was Josh’s selection for me! I got so many compliments on it, and it was one of the experiences I kept returning to when thinking about this blog. He has a knack for finding the neatest things at thrift stores.




Uhh… I seriously loved this whole outfit. A++, babe. Airport style and travel comfort-wear approved.




Our first day in Paris! Photobomb brought to you by my Dad…




… Who I love very, very much.





This is the only picture we got of this Interior-Fashion-Design-Show ensemble… Great outfit, minus how tight the pants fit after breakfast. Ha.




Bonus! A few pictures of the fashion show. Words can hardly describe how HUGE this show was. We were there from 9am-6pm and MAYBE saw 20% of the show.




This red coat was another thrift store find!



Have any of you experienced hot chocolate in Paris? It is the most decadent, creamy, delicious drink I’ve ever tasted. You literally “drink” it with a spoon, it’s so thick. Highly recommend!



Sorry for the boring post. I have to wake up Josh so we can head to the Louvre! Hope you all are well and enjoying your Sunday morning. Please pray that Josh recovers and that I don’t get sick, too! Much love to you all.







3 thoughts on “

  1. Pamela Hasse

    Hearty congratulations to Josh for picking out those amazing ensembles ahead of time! So, did Josh have any room in the suitcase for himself? Of course, my favorite pose has to be the two with your dad. . .


  2. Christi

    Praying for Josh to feel better! Maybe they sell zicam in France or some other zinc product! You take it when you feel that first little tickle at the back of your throat.

    What a sweet post! Not boring at all!


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