Patchwork… Works.

Happy Sunday, you wonderful person!

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy, which is really not just a nice saying at this time of the year. Thank you so much for your support, comments, and participation this week. The best part of the last 14 days has been feeling like we have friends following, laughing, and perhaps shaking heads along with us.

As I think back on this week, I’m struggling to remember many details! I had a bunch of overnight shows at QVC, forcing me to snooze the days away.  Too often, I get home from these shows around 4AM… and immediately make a bee-line for the pantry.

Three handfuls of gluten-free cheese puffs, two spoonfuls of Biscoff Cookie Butter (probably not gluten-free, on reflection), and a handful of dried fruit later, I cocoon myself in bed next to my sleeping husband, fondly nicknamed The SnoreLax. It’s like a human rendition of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, without a cool metamorphosis at the end.  The only transformation I undergo is some kind of brain wipe, because I literally never know what time it is or day it is when I wake up.

But at least I don’t have to be functioning enough to pick out my outfit.



I do remember I was complimented on my outfits every day this week! The reactions I get when I follow up by telling people my husband picked out my attire are almost enough reason to commit to this year in and of themselves. Lots of disbelief… Followed by condolences… And often well-meaning concern for our marriage.





Well, the wintery weather meant layering, scarves and fuzzy socks for me this week. My stylist/husband dutifully checks the weather forecast every night before styling the next day’s outfit so he can dress me accordingly. He probably asks if I am warm enough three times every day. So, so endearing.




I was grateful for his warmer picks at the beginning of the week, and that he relented to my plea to take photos INSIDE. I love cozy sweaters and fun layers, but I’m cheering on the return of peep-toe pumps and whimsical peasant tops.



My Cat, Calcifer. His Eyes matched my tunic, so he made the shot.


I mentioned to Josh this week that his outfits for me were so diverse, they reminded me of a patchwork quilt. Originally, we had talked about working within themes to help provide a framework for his styling, but he went rogue… Which I guess is why I like him so darn much.

It felt like I wore three out of four seasons this week! Working with which colors are seasonal and what situations garner a certain look either doesn’t occur to him, or he simply doesn’t care. It’s probably a combination of the two, and the results are vivid and off the charts cute.

I’m not a stylist either, but I’m pretty sure accessorizing  with a pop of color is never out of style… But leave it to Josh to not limit himself to just one “pop.”  This outfit looked especially bright against the dusting of snow on the ground.





Can you believe those two last photos were taken a day apart?  I hope you also enjoyed the burst of warm weather this week, however marshy it may have been. Perhaps not unrelated to the physically taxing nature of my job, our marriage experienced relational swoops and dives this week. The bouquet of roses was a peace offering, and as restorative to my heart as the absence of cold outside.

The deep magenta paired with the golden yellow seemed unseasonably Autumnal to me. However, the day I wore this outfit, I went to a hair salon, and later my hair stylist said a few people mentioned afterwords how cute they thought my outfit looked! That’s my boy!!




Ugh. I soooo wish you could see this next outfit better!  I thought it was overly “Spring” for January, although  I was impressed with his choice. He responded with a shrug and said something like, “As long as you’re warm, I feel like you should be able to wear what you want when you want.”  Hard to disagree with that! How could wearing colors that make you cheerful and excited for Spring be a fashion faux pas?

We took this picture around 11pm. I wish we had a better one to do Josh’s amazing styling justice, but date night took precedence… And probably always will 😉

Also, these heels are surprisingly easy to walk in!





In the past two weeks, we’ve tried to get a few well-lit pictures every day, but half way through this week, we chose to neglect the photos in order to reserve more time to ourselves. It was the right choice for us, and thankfully we were able to document each day’s outfit in the end. Thanks for bearing with us as we maneuver through the newness of this daily adventure.

If you have any tips for us on how to better manage a full-time project like this blog, please please share them! As my Mom texted me the other day, “Revamp, revamp, revamp!” Whether that looks like less or more posts, more pictures and less writing, or whatever, we’re not only open to suggestions, we’re asking for them!

So about this outfit…

The bandanna, again. I told Josh it reminded me of getting toilet paper stuck to you when you leave the bathroom, the way it trailed along behind me.  Thankfully, he doesn’t take offense too easily. He just laughed and told me I had to wear it, anyway.


Josh dressed me in this rocker chick ensemble as I was rushing around trying to get ready for a 24 hour stretch at QVC. My feet whimpered at the sight of the 4 inch heels he wanted me in, but I submitted to his higher power and left our apartment ready to carpe the diem.

I then proceeded to fall down a WHOLE flight of stairs 15 seconds later. I was not. happy.  But at least my seething face and guttural noises complimented my outfit.




The final outfit of this week! My South Africa shirt, pants that have been entirely too difficult to pair things with, and a single clip-on earring that Josh somehow made work.




If you are friends with me on facebook, you may have seen my post about Josh and I taking the blog on a little excursion. If The Year My Husband Dressed Me were a reality TV show… This would be like the first really big challenge.





Blog aside, we are so excited to go! My Dad is going with his company to glean some new ideas from an interior fashion design show, and asked us to come along. Josh has never been to France before, and I’ve only been once.

Josh definitely has his work cut out for him! Not only is he in charge of packing a week’s worth of outfits for me, but on top of that, there’s the added pressure to make them Paris-worthy. All the while, I’m dreaming of getting picked up by a Parisian modeling agency… No pressure to make me look good, honey. You’re just capable of crushing my dreams with one poorly constructed outfit… Kidding, kidding.

Wish us luck (mostly Josh) as we get ready this week! We leave early on Wednesday morning, so I have three days to learn conversational french and book a hotel.

Merci! Oui, Oui! Un croissant, s’il vous plaît!












2 thoughts on “Patchwork… Works.

  1. Courty

    You are slaying the rocker chick vibe! And, I feel your pain. I have many bumps and bruises from many a staircase…you are not alone my dear. Also digging the springy spring ‘fit. Does Josh know it’s January?…My least favorite month. Like, can he magically make it Springtime!?!? He’s gotta have some mystical powers in conjunction with those killer art skills. Super excited to see what he concocts in Paris!! Love ya’ll, Miss ya’ll 💞


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