Grumpy, but never frumpy.

Pause. Scroll up and look at Josh’s face in the cover picture again. Look at his face.  Now ask yourself: Would I like to be styled by a man looking at me in such a disgruntled manner? No, no you would not, and neither did I.

Josh sits behind me demanding I add what an opinionated mannequin I am, but I deflect with a manic giggle. This side of the blog is my territory; I hold the narrative of our journey within my fast typing fingers. He’s just the grumpy stylist.


Okay, so…  I look a bit surly, too. (My Mom will quickly comment that she has seen this face before, beginning around the age of…Oh, a few hours old. What can I say? I’m consistent.)

The constant, dismal spitting outside was partially to blame for a rough start to the week.

Thankfully, the outfits didn’t reflect our disheveled dispositions with each other. He was very nice and put me in pretty things.

Cheap Monday jeans, Tea n Rose bomber sweater

The bandanna around my calf is a classic “Josh-ism.” Putting accessories where they don’t belong and somehow making it work. I felt pretty fly, although I was somewhat worried about gang retribution.

Steve Madden high-tops

Some of you had the chance to join us on Facebook and Instagram live for the debut of this next outfit! We loved your feedback! It was invigorating for both of us to share with you in real time, and I’m sure we’ll make a habit of doing so this year.

monday12a monday12c

I must admit, we were pretty darn miserable to each other the first two days.  After this shoot, Josh and I sat down to re-evaluate our game plan. We knew this undertaking would inevitably lead to an occasional spat, but we also agreed that ultimately, this project should be a source of joy. Remembering this helped put annoyances such as bad lighting, freezing cold weather, and being limited to a few minutes of Josh’s lunch break to take pictures, in perspective.

After our talk, our spirits and treatment of each other improved. I was more gentle with my photography suggestions, and Josh worked on giving better direction from behind the camera.

Gap blazer, Max Studio dress

Personally, I think the behind-the-scenes progress shown through the photos we captured.

Back to fashion! On this day, Josh went for a classy look with a splash of funk. I loved that the perky shoe strings matched the necklace and pulled the outfit together. The subtle polka-dots in the tights paired with the striped dress also made me quite happy!


I got these spiffy bowling kicks at one of my favorite Lancaster thrift stores a few years back. Shout out to Uncle Funky’s in Ephrata, PA! I used to frequent Nancy’s U.F. closet in high school, and I’m sure Josh will incorporate quite a few pieces of mine that I discovered at that magical establishment.

Circa 2010… and already rocking Josh’s hoodies.


Josh is brand spanking new to photography, which has had it’s challenges in creating these blog posts. But he did well for a beginner, didn’t he? I’m a proud wife.

Okay, this next outfit totally reminded me of something I would wear on-air at QVC. To Josh’s credit, at least he’s paying attention to my shows. Ha.


We were late in the day getting these photos, so the lighting is kind of rough/distorted, but you get the idea. I felt a bit… preppy. Not usually my go-to look, but it worked.

Boots, Vince Camuto
Shirt, Levis

Side note: The earrings were a Christmas gift from Josh this year!  I’m so grateful for his good taste in jewelry.


Moving on, this number got me quite a few glances at QVC. I asked Josh what “feel” he was going for. His response: “subtle punk.” I predict this theme will be a reoccurring one…

I got these harem pants in Czech Republic when I was studying there in 2013. They’re like, one of my favorite pairs of pants. Ever.

Shoes, Mango

Josh calls these my “pilgrim shoes.” I wouldn’t have thought to pair them with these particular pants (I usually stick with black skinnys), so I’m interested in whether anyone else thinks it works!

The fork necklace/choker was handmade by my engineering big brother. It’s meant to lay like a normal necklace, but Josh had a light bulb moment and fastened it like so:


Pretty nifty.

The rain FINALLY turned to snow and, to celebrate, Josh put together my “Narnia Outfit.”


We lasted all of five minutes in the cold before fleeing the frozen tundra for heated interiors. I just wasn’t cut out for Narnian winters. Or Pennsylvanian winters, for that matter.


These furry boots were another thrift store find! Luck Dog Antiques in New Holland is the kind of antique store you walk into and instantly feel overwhelmed by the volume of treasures you know are hiding just out of sight.

Oh, I forgot! That’s where I got this gorgeous, snow-ready vest, too! I think Josh and I were looking for centerpieces for our wedding, and I got distracted and started rifling through the clothing. This tends to happen.

Josh made that beanie for me last year. He styles my clothes, darns my socks, and knits me warm things. Could a cozier, kinder husband exist?


If you made it this far, I’m impressed! Thanks for sticking with us! We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions you have. I’m in a hurry to post this so I can take a Sunday nap, so I have no witty ending comments for you. Sorry. Try back next week.



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4 thoughts on “Grumpy, but never frumpy.

  1. That “Narnia-snow” vest…. I am totally and completely in love! And the blog I awesome. You (Meg) are super gorgeous and it is so fun to see these different “versions” of you – it inspires me to try to do some of this myself.


  2. Krista

    Wow kudos to Josh! And to you for letting him!! Lol. I liked the furry vest and beanie outfit- who knew Josh could knit?! 👏🏻 Ephrata is about 45 minutes from us it’d be fun to check out that thrift store-thanks! I can’t stand Pa winter weather either😬


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