New Year In… Identity Out

As I type, Josh is sweeping up celebratory confetti littering the floor of my parents’ living room. We attempted a cute New Year’s Day shot of me shooting off a mini party popper in my first outfit, but the results were hilariously lame.

No worries! Our sparkle cannot be dimmed! Our excitement cannot be dampened! My enthusiasm about the start of this journey… Okay. Moment of truth.

I’m slightly depressed.

Not the post-holiday blues. Worse. The I-gave-up-my-right-to-dress-myself-for-a-WHOLE-YEAR depressed. It’s not that my confidence in Josh has wavered… But soon after we went public about our blog, I realized what a privilege it is to choose one’s style, and how strongly my identity is wrapped into how I dress myself every day. Most likely you’re not surprised, but I honestly didn’t think I would care this much. News flash, dear self: YOU CARE.

Josh practiced a few outfits, which opened our minds to how much time and effort this blog will take on both of our parts. It’s already led to a few exasperating evenings, and I haven’t exactly had the most… accepting… attitude. For those of you that know me, you may know that little thing about me having to do with control…? A.k.a this is my worst nightmare, and I brought it upon myself willingly.

Nightmare notwithstanding, I am truly excited for what the year holds for this unique, adventurous, zany blog. Josh’s outfits for me won’t always be on point, but as he practices, I’m excited to see his eye for design improve and evolve. I’m grateful for the memories this will give us, good and bad, and maybe, just maybe, future adventures. The Year my Husband Dressed Me… In Paris. Dream Big 2017.

We proudly introduce our very first outfit. Happy New Year!









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